Sofa so good!

AHFsofa1 1

January found me out and about in Poole taking photographs of a black sofa for AHF, the new furniture store in Branksome.  The company sponsored anyone who sat on the sofa £1 for Victoria Education Centre and Sports College, which is just down the road from the shop.  It was a remarkably fun day working with some very nice people.  This picture shows sausage maker John Wilson from Clearford Farm and Produce, trying out the sofa.  He was actually the first of 250 people who helped raise £250 for the school.  People were remarkably cautious about sitting down, many thinking it was a trick to make them stump up money for something, or even that the sofa was some sort of joke furniture that would give them a nasty surprise.  But there was nothing at all like that, just a legitimate publicity stunt which aimed to raise money for a good local charity.  

We were lucky that we chose the day before the blizzard that hit the UK to do this stunt, otherwise we would have been cold, wet and miserable.  The sofa survived its outing too, and will also be presented to the school in due course.  

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