Harry's back!!


Great news that Harry Redknapp has returned to Dean Court!!  It's about time. 

He's remained loyal to this area, and never been tempted to live away - mind you his house is in the most perfect spot on the Sandbanks peninsular, so why would he want to move?  Since leaving Tottenham last summer, he's been, to all intents and purposes, out of work, and knowing him, probably bored without a demanding job.

I never got to photograph him in his Dean Court days.  He was Cherries manager from 1983 to 1992, and when I arrived at the Echo, in 1987, I was never allowed to go to the big football match on a Saturday.  My boss didn't think a girl would be capable of covering anything as important as a League Division football match.  I used to get sent to the rugby, which I really enjoyed, so I didn't complain!

I've photographed him many times at events, but most of those pictures are languishing in the Daily Echo vaults.  I do remember the drama and tragedy when he had that terrible minibus crash in Italy in 1990, when the club chairman Brian Tiler was killed and Harry seriously injured.  

They were great friends and Harry was devastated by the whole thing.   Harry told the Sun newspaper, that he was advised that he could get an enormous pay-out if he didn't return to work within eighteen months.  But, he said that doing nothing "would have driven me round the bend",  and that though he could afford to live without football, that he "actually couldn't live without football". 

I suspect his recent job doldrums have left him in the same situation.  He just wants to get back to work.  AFC Bournemouth will certainly benefit.  Welcome back Harry!

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