Cripes!  It's New Year's Eve

I can't believe this year has slid by so fast.  So much has happened and, despite many adversities, it's been a good one!  I found enough work to keep me busy, and we've managed to pay our bills … that was a worry at the beginning of the year.  I've had some brilliant jobs working with Clive Conway, and have photographed and met many interesting, and some famous, people that I would never have thought would come my way.  I can't name anyone, because so many were marvellous, and leaving someone out would be awful!  The Bournemouth Echo also kept me going with regular work, and a number of recommendations which found me photographing many people and places, for which I am very grateful.  


In the latter part of the year I had the opportunity of teaching photojournalism at Bournemouth's Up To Speed media school. It turned out to be a really good experience with interesting students and good support from old contacts who let them go out and take photographs and do stories about them.  So a big thankyou to all those who helped!

Of course the best bits of work are always the opportunities of doing stuff with Jeremy.  It's been good to work for the aforementioned Clive Conway together, and we've also done regular features for Dorset magazine, Amateur Gardening and several others.  Our recent work with the music charity Coda has been rewarding, and we hope we can do more with them.  

We even managed a few days away in Valencia with our friends Rick and Manda, staying on Manda's sister's stud farm.  It was a really good break, and very interesting too.  Also our niece Emma and her husband Jason, came from San Francisco and we stayed in London with them for a few days.  We did really touristy things like The Tower and The Churchill War Rooms.  Then there were the proper pubs, real ale and a very good Indian meal.  Emma who is half English, knows about these things, but Jason, who is all American, didn't … but he does now, and loved it all.

There were a couple of bad turns as December arrived.  My father-in-law, Ken, was diagnosed with lymphoma, and had a huge chemotherapy session the week before Christmas, but he's home and doing OK, so we have hopes that his treatment will be a success.  Also our little Lefty cat died, and is now buried under the winter jasmine in our back garden, where she often used to sit in the sunshine.  The jasmin is flowering magnificently and looks really beautiful.

We are determined that 2013 will be a good year, though we suspect it may be a little tougher to get work.

My picture is of the Red Arrows flying in tribute to their pilot John Egging, who died during the Bournemouth Air Show in 2011.  I sold this image to one of my regular employers Harry Ramsden's, whose premises is on the seafront below the planes. It was taken on one of the few really sunny and glorious days last summer.

Happy New Year everyone … let's hope for sunshine and good fortune!


© Hattie Miles 2021