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I've been a professional photographer for more than thirty years - and there's seldom been a dull moment.  I'm very lucky to have chosen a career that has given me great opportunites and lots of fun too.  

Now freelance, and working alongside my husband, writer Jeremy Miles, I take photographs almost daily.  I work for a variety of employers including national and regional magazines and newspapers.  I also specialise in photographing artists, actors, writers and broadcasters.  You can see some of my favourite portraits on the gallery section of this site.  

Above is a photograph of me working on Christmas Day a few years ago. Believe it or not, I'm covering the annual festive swim on Boscombe Beach. Batman and Robin were just two of the brave souls who turned up in fancy dress. Just out of shot are dozens of other bizarrely dressed individuals who took to the chilly waters as part of the Bournemouth Spartans' plunge.  If nothing else, it's proof that photographers seldom take a day off!!

A splash for the British Heart Foundation:


The annual Pier To Pier Swim takes place every July.  Seasoned swimmers race into the sea close to Bournemouth Pier and swim to Boscombe to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.  Loads of money is raised by these brave swimmers.  This is an event I have photographed many times, and is one I really enjoy doing.  Not a great swimmer myself, it's amazing to me that 1,500 hardy souls take part

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“I am not interested in rules or conventions. Photography is not a sport”.  Bill Brandt 

Thank you Everyone whose given me interesting photographic work since 2011 when I became a freelance, and to all the lovely people who come on my walkingtalks too!!

Thank you Chris Howard and everyone at Amica IT for being such fun and for being marvellously patient! Highly recommended for all IT issues.

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